Please call to save money on anything less than 4 yards of Concrete, or visit:

Affordable Concrete

Tyler, Texas
We deliver ready mix concrete at a great price to meet your concrete needs. Our volumetric trucks mix the concrete on site and each truck can deliver up to ten yards per trip.  Since the concrete is mixed on site, the concrete is fresh and gives you more time to work the concrete before it sets up than premixed concrete would.  In addition, our trucks measure the volume of concrete mixed on site, so you only pay for what you actually use.   Our concrete is tested regularly at a local lab and always surpasses 3,000 PSI, commonly known as five sack concrete.
Standard 3,000 PSI Mix per Cubic Yard
3,000 PSI Mix with Pea Gravel per Cubic Yard                                             
Call for information about our volume discounts and other mix designs.
4 yard minimum under 25 miles
6 yard minimum under 35 miles
8 yard minimum under 45 miles
10 yard minimum 46 miles+ 

Additional Cost per Minute AFTER first hour                                             


Open:  Sunday - Friday (no Saturday pours)

We deliver from:

5696 County Road 1143
Tyler, Texas  75704
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