Affordable Concrete

Tyler, Texas

We would be happy to provide free quotes for the following services:

  • Asphalt Preservation
    • Application of TUFFSEAL, an excellent environmentally friendly product that extends the life of asphalt dramatically while giving your pavement the look and characteristics of concrete
  • Parking Lot Striping 
  • Ready Mix Concrete Delivery
    • Concrete delivery for Tyler, TX and the surrounding area

Thanks for visiting us on the web.  We hope you will enjoy learning about TUFFSEAL, the polymer micro-overlay that is applied with our patent-pending spray method to preserve the life of your asphalt with a beautiful, seamless, concrete-like finish.  As the manufacturers of this material as well through our company, Acrypave Manufacturing, we are confident that this material is destined to revolutionize the pavement preservation industry.

Jan-Harry and Lea Kastmo
5696 County Road 1143
Tyler, TX 75704

We are proud to be an applicator of TUFFSEAL PMO (Polymer Micro-Overlay).  TUFFSEAL is a remarkable, environmentally friendly product that preserves asphalt and can also be used to repair and extend the life of concrete pavement.  For more information about TUFFSEAL, please visit our manufacturing website,

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